So you just finished putting that first coat of paint on that car that you have been restoring and it looks great. You didn’t realize that you had to the talent to spray paint a car (Basic Spray Paint). The only problem is you have run out of time and can’t get the second coat on. Well that’s really not going to be a problem, the cars in a protected area so you can get back at it next week. You just stick the caps on the spray paint cans and stick them on the shelf for the time being.

Aerosole Spray Paint for Paint your car

A week goes by and you’re ready to go ahead and spray paint the car, or at least get the second coat on. You’re all set up you’ve pulled the cans of spray paint off the shelf, and popped the lid on one of them. Then it doesn’t seem to matter how hard you press the nozzle of the spray can nothing comes out. You know by the feel of it its not empty, actually its almost full. Then you realize it must be clogged. No problem you just get a thin piece of wire and try to clean it out.

After several tries you realize it just isn’t going to clear, so you end up throwing an almost full can of rather expensive spray paints away. Then you remember what a buddy told you about spray paints. When you are finished using them you must turn the can upside down and spray the paint for a few seconds. This can be done on a piece of cardboard. It will clear all the excess spray out of the nozzle so next time you go to use it, it won’t be plugged. A good lesson learned.

You didn’t realize the problems that could occur when you went to spray paint a car, but thankfully you have a few cans of paint left so you can get on with it. You give the cans a few shakes and at last out comes the paint. There is one major problem though, the color doesn’t look quite the same. The label says it’s the same color but what in the world is the problem here?

Actually you most likely didn’t shake enough so the color wasn’t properly mixed. You must shake the can vigorously you will hear the mixer ball inside the can rattle. Continue to shake for at least three to four minutes. Also at regular intervals while you are spraying give the can a good shake as well. This will ensure that your paint stays well mixed and will evenly distribute the color when you apply it. Remember you must be as methodical when you go to spray paint a car, as you would a fine piece of furniture.

Another very important point to remember that to car spray paint is a big job, and most likely you will be a little tired afterwards. Clean up is very important and that means making sure that you cleaned the nozzle of the spray as we discussed. Another very important thing to remember is to store your paints safely. Don’t leave them where it is to hot or too cold.

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